Optima’s entire investment process is supported by a proprietary IT platform which was developed by an internal IT team. The IT platform provides robust and consistent data processing and management, but is also flexible enough to accommodate new functionality and dimensions as necessary. Functional areas include:

  • Manager due diligence and portfolio management
  • Accounting and back office operations
  • Risk management analytics and monitoring
  • Internal reporting
  • Client reporting
  • Specialized analytical procedures

The Optima IT team first began implementation of the Optima Portfolio Evaluation Research & Accounting System (“OPERAS”) in 2004. The platform makes our business more scalable as well as providing increased quantitative and qualitative value to the Firm’s research process. All research, both data- and document-based, is stored in OPERAS and provides the Research team with a solid platform on which to run various analytical programs.

Additionally, with the capability to run a wide variety of risk scenarios, OPERAS enables the investment, operations and risks teams to holistically evaluate all aspects of a fund and the risks associated with its investments.

“We’ve worked diligently to develop a secure, transparent, and user-friendly technological platform in order to help our clients make informed investment decisions.”
Arnold Rozenvasser, Director