Multi-Manager Strategies

Harmonizing managers through analysis of strengths and correlation.

Deep research. Disciplined selection. Active review.

In today’s complex and quickly evolving marketplace, an alternative approach can be an important component of every portfolio. But choosing the right solution is just as important. Optima offers multiple-manager alternative strategy programs in various vehicles across a variety of strategies. We have access to a diversified group of hedge fund managers allowing us to implement alternative investment approaches based on strong qualitative and quantitative research as well as a critical focus on operational and portfolio risk management. Our experience over the past three decades—across numerous hedge fund strategies—can be a powerful advantage in navigating challenging market environments.

Profiled Strategies

Healthcare and Biotech Solutions

Benefitting from long-term growth trends in spending and innovation, opportunities across a highly-diversified healthcare sector are compelling—especially for hedge funds.

All-Weather Solutions

Amid heightened volatility and treasury yields at all-time lows, investors need options that protect against downside volatility – while also participating in bull markets.

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